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Orcs Must Die! Board Game: Order Edition

          BGG Rating 6.7 / Count 157

PETOMDO Orcs Must Die! Board Game: Order Edition published by Petersen Entertainment

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Orcs Must Die: The Boardgame dares you to preserve your stronghold sieged by orcs! Scores of figures based on the video game are included, plus hordes of orcs, crossbow orcs, kobolds, gnolls, trolls, ogres, and more. Build an exciting fortress using a tile-based system, then watch as swarms of baddies plunge through your defenses to abolish your Rift.

Orcs Must Die: Order edition sees you play heroes such as Maximilian the War Mage, Gabriella the Redeemed Sorceress, and others, while fending off the villainous orc onslaught. This is a stand alone game but can be combined with Orcs Must Die: Unchained Edition for a head to head experience! In Unchained, you play opposing heroes, such as the Kobold King or Midnight the assassin, facing down assaults by human soldiers, lions, elves, bears, dwarfs, and the like.

Build your stronghold, choose your characters, a difficulty level and a map (or create one of your own!) then the fight begins! Each turn, waves of orcs and other monsters move pitilessly through the map, relentlessly aiming for your poor Guardian, trying to destroy him and your Rift. You and your allies run around the map, placing traps in the various parts of your map, battling the invaders, and performing a host of other actions. You earn trophy skulls for killing your enemies, and these act as the games cash spend them to buy new weapons, magic amulets, and a host of other items. You also can spend skulls to place traps, and to upgrade your Guardian, making him better-able to hold off the orcs, gnolls, and other enemies. But over time your enemies accrue in strength, too! You have to face three Onslaughts, and with each Onslaught, your foes increase in might. If you do not lay a solid groundwork for your defenses with upgrades and trap placements in the early part of the game, you may face doom later on!

If you or your friends own both the Order and Unchained versions of Orcs Must Die: The Boardgame , you can go head-to-head, pitting the regimented Order against the legions of the Unchained in an epic conflict. You and your friends will split into two teams one side fights for the Order, and the other will control the Unchained. Each side has its own heroes, its own armies, its own Items, and its own traps. Your hero can defend your own citadel, or seek to lead your armies to victory inside the enemy lair. With friends to help, your faction can station heroes at both tasks, and even switch off duties. The game supports up to 4 players per side.

No. of Players: 1 - 4

Duration: 90 minutes

Min. Age: 14

Price: 25.00
       (RRP is 84.99)