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Epic PvP Card Game: Fantasy

          BGG Rating 6.5 / Count 597

AEG6201 Epic PvP Card Game: Fantasy published by Alderac Entertainment Group

In stock

The Shufflebuilding Game of Arena Combat. Choose a Race > Choose a Class > Shuffle > Battle!

Which character would your players want to battle with?

Maybe something classic like the Human Paladin or perhaps something more off-the-wall like the Goblin Druid? Each Class/Race combo creates a unique character with powerful attacks and unique special abilities.

There is so much to discover in Epic PvP: Fantasy that it offers many hours of replay-ability.


  • 4 x 20-card class decks and
  • 4 x 20-card races decks
  • 4 x Player Boards
  • 28 x Counters
  • 1 x 12-page rulebook
  • No. of Players: 2 - 4

    Duration: 15 minutes

    Min. Age: 14

    Price: 5.00
           (RRP is 27.99)

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