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Desperados Board Game

          BGG Rating 6.5 / Count 153

ARG0014 Desperados Board Game published by Argentum Verlag

In stock

The Wild West - from respective films you know the hopeful settler who works hard to accomplish a better life. Or the gold digger dreaming of fortune and spending his remaining years in opulence. And of course the desperadoes who intend to participate in the achievements of the former without that much work. In this game players win altogether if they "earn" enough money as card sharpers, highwaymen and bank robbers in five game turns for their evening of life. All of them? No, one player takes the role of the marshal and advocates law and order.

Each player has a deck of location cards which enables him to travel secretly through the Wild West or rather across the game board. Desperadoes may agree upon their moves, only the Marshal is left out - he can stand sentinel to stage coaches and banks with his sheriffs, but he comes to know the whereabouts of another players only if he cashes up. But the marshal also moves secretly, and woe betide who gets caught!

At the end of each turn movements are revealed successively, and it turns out whether a plan is prosperous or foiled by the marshal: A robbery is successful if there are more desperadoes at a stage coach or bank as sheriffs. But all desperadoes arrested by the marshal on their way will not reach the destination, and the sheriffs put paid on their plans. With strategy, judgment and a little luck you will - depending on which side you are - either create fear and loathing, or you will turn Wild West into Well-behaved West!


  • 1 game board
  • 2 stage coaches
  • 5 zwo-sided schedules
  • 14 poker tiles
  • 10 stage coach tiles
  • 12 bank tiles
  • 1 while marshal pawn
  • 5 black sheriff pwans
  • 5 desperado pawns
  • 5 wooden discs
  • 5 wanted posters
  • 1 marshal star badge
  • 120 movement cards
  • No. of Players: 3 - 6

    Duration: 90 minutes

    Min. Age: 12

    Price: 12.50
           (RRP is 30.99)

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