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Daemon Trilogy: Subrosa Card Game

IDW01281 Daemon Trilogy: Subrosa Card Game published by IDW Games

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Daemon Trilogy: Subrosa is a card drafting skirmish game where players compete to fulfill contracts and gain the most influence in the Empire.

This title is the first in a series of app-driven, legacy-style card games. Subrosa takes you along the story of power, control, and double-dealings in a battle of supremacy between the five great houses. Recruit mercenaries from your hand to take on and fulfill contracts. These contracts collect you influence and (perhaps eventually) control of the Empire. Team up with allies for mutual protection or stealthily egg on your opponent's quarrel. How to win is up to you, but remember to keep your enemies close, and your friends even closer.


  • 75 Character Cards
  • 30 Contract Cards
  • 1 Smart Device Stand
  • 1 Wood Initiative Token
  • No. of Players: 2 - 5

    Duration: 30 to 45 minutes

    Min. Age: 12

    Price: 12.50
           (RRP is 29.99)