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Feelinks Card Game

          BGG Rating 6.6 / Count 236

BREACT009FE Feelinks Card Game published by Blackrock Editions

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How would you feel if you heard this: "Your child tells you that they have prophetic dreams"? Would you be sad? Excited? Scared? Or maybe even happy? Most importantly, how would your partner feel?

Feelinks is a game of emotions. During play, you:

  • 1) Pick a card and chose a situation to read.
  • 2) Choose the emotion that matches how you feel and bet on your partner's feelings.
  • 3) Show your mutual choices, take a step on the emotion track, then change partner.

    Depending on the numbers of players, if you play with a certain numbers of rounds, the player who reaches the farthest square on the scoring track wins the game. If you play without counting each round, the first player to reach the last square of the emotion track ends the game.

  • No. of Players: 3 to 8

    Duration: 30 minutes

    Min. Age: 8

    Price: £5.00
           (RRP is 26.99)

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