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Arcana Novel: The Dragon Returns

WW16147 Arcana Novel: The Dragon Returns published by White Wolf Publishing

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The Story Evolves

Millennia ago, the dragons fled their homeland after a devastating war with demonic creatures of their own making. With the war long over, mighty giants arrived to defeat the dragons old foes. But what happens to the realm when the wyrms return from exile to reclaim their home?

Dragons vs. Giants!

The giants made themselves at home these last centuries, proving themselves not only bold warriors able to defeat the realms worst enemies, but also wise and noble stewards of the land. The dragons return creates a state of detente between the two forces, and tensions run high with the future awash in questions. Delve deeper into the evolving Diamond Throne saga in this anthology featuring a dozen new stories from such fantasy authors as Monte Cook, Ed Greenwood, and others.

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