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ASL: Hells Bridgehead 3rd Edition

CRIHB32 ASL: Hells Bridgehead 3rd Edition published by Critical Hit Inc

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Hells Bridgehead 3rd Edition, we couldn't let ASLCOmp PONYRI represent CH's Battle of Kursk offerings all by itself! We take our Kursk tac-sim gaming too seriously for that. To cure that ailment and make one of our most popular titles ever new again... the clash along the Psel River is back, with an ALL NEW counter set that provides ALL the German units needed to play + tweaks to the scenarios where we saw fit + the two BONUS HB #7 and HB #8 + bonus TIN PAN HILL Sevastopol scenario + bonus Battle of the Bulge scenario you can use your new counters with + color TIN PAN HILL map + HBSR laid out in booklet form just like DEVIL'S DOMAIN.

No map is included in this product.

Price: £5.00
       (RRP is 24.99)